Looking to upgrade your Kitchen? Check out these top trends!

⚡️Low Cost Upgrades: Cabinet hardware, sink, light switch plates, and lighting (under cabinet lighting adds a nice pop and modern look). Trending colors: matte black and gold! Another option is updating or adding a backsplash – Popular trends include marble look, large tiles, or unique shaped small tiles.
🔥Mid-Range Upgrades: ⭐️Painting kitchen island – adding color as a focal point to really make it pop with bold colors such as black, green, or blue. ⭐️OR refinishing your cabinets to create a simple refresh of either the same color or even restoring that great natural wood!
💥Higher Cost, Bigger Impact Upgrades: ⭐️Cabinet color change – Top trending colors include dark stains, all white, two-toned with darker on bottom half and lighter on top, soft blues, sage greens, ever-going strong greys, and now black! ⭐️Updating countertops – Big impact item. Quartz or granite in lighter tones is on high trend. ⭐️Lastly, replacing out those older cabinet door styles or adding in practical storage space within! Cabinet door styles are trending towards more sleek, clean and simple. ✨Cabinet roll out shelves for trash bins allow a discrete way to hide your bins and even a coffee maker drawer with lift offering easy clean up and less clutter on the counter saving space and keeping that clean, sleek look on the countertops.

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