2021 Home Exterior Trends

From adding windows to front porches and painting your entire house black, these look to be trending in 2021. Here’s a look from what the experts are seeing for 2021 home exterior trends homeowners are loving this year.

Windows. Windows. Windows. Be sure when adding windows to your home that they match the home’s original style as if the home was made for these updates. Because we are spending more time at home, people are looking for bright and airy interiors which adding windows does just that and vastly modernizes the home.

Rich White Paint. I know what you’re thinking, “White?” Yes, it’s back! White exterior paint is timeless. However, be sure to pair it with the right accents, such as wood (hint, another trend).

Pergolas. Adding outdoor space to the front of your home adds value and curb appeal while you sit and enjoy your morning cup of java or evening Sauvignon Blanc.

Contrasting Garage Doors. You want to compliment and contrast the home, what great way to do this through your garage doors, which you already need. Garage doors act as an accent piece while highlighting great structure.

Architectural Front Doors. The first thing anyone sees is your front door; it shows off the personality of the home. Coming in hot are wide doors with large sidelights. Bright colors are still trending where neutral with wood tones are also expected to trend throughout 2021.


Curved Lines to Straight. Modernize your home with sleek straight elevations for updating from the early 90s – 2000s arched styles adding a great clean look.

Front Porches. Say goodbye to tiny stoops in the front. More people are wanting a larger porch to add (again) more space at home. Sitting space in the front provides a welcoming feel to the home.

Painted Brick. Paint has come a long way and a lot of people with brick exterior want a way to update their home. So, if you don’t like your brick, it’s totally cool and safe to paint.

Natural Wood Accents. Wood accents are a beautiful look on so many different styles of elevations. Try composite for a maintenance free look on places such as columns, fences, pergolas, front door, garage doors, and more.

Dark Colors. Dramatic colors are eye catching. Nerving to try at first, but the finished look really pops and stands out in the neighborhood with lots of modern personality.

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